- History and Photographs of the Boer War

Boer War Photographs

Boer Child Soldier

The Boer War was the first modern war, a war waged on the cusp of a new century and employing many new tactics and weapons. It was also one of the first wars to be extensively recorded in photographs and early film reels. Thanks to these archival records we are able to experience a level of detail and realism that mere words could not convey.

We have assembled here an archive of photographs documenting the Boer War and the men and women who fought in it. It was a war that pitted the Boer citizen soldiers, each of whom was required to supply his own rifle and ammunition, against the industrial might of Britain's world wide empire. Despite being overmatched, the Boers bravely and enthusiastically answered the call to arms. The photographs show fathers and sons fighting together with grizzled old men. Every Boer man joined the fight.

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These photos shine a light on a forgotten conflict and allow us to see the human beings behind the pages of history. These are the Boer volunteers who fought in defense of their homelands, against overwhelming odds. Their bravery, audacity, and innovative commando tactics allowed them to bloody the British Empire in many battles.

Boer War

Boer troops posing next to one of the few pieces of modern artillery. Most Boer units consisted of lightly armed cavalry or infantry.