- History and Photographs of the Boer War

General Christiaan Botha

Christiaan Botha (October 6, 1864 - October 29, 1902) [1] was a brother of Louis Botha and a general during the Second Boer War. He was born in Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal. His parents, Louis and Salomina Botha, were among the first residents of the short lived republic of Freedom. When the republic was incorporated into the Transvaal, they automatically become citizens.

Botha became the commander of the police of Swaziland in 1898. After the Second Boer War broke out, he went to the Natal front where he played a prominent part in several of the early battles. He also fought at the Battle of Colenso. When the British liberated Ladysmith, Botha retreated to Laing's Nek.

He died in Kokstad on 29 October 1902.