Boer War

Photographs of the Boer War

The Boer was one of the first wars to be extensively covered by journalists equipped with cameras and even early motion picture cameras. As a result, there is a rich record of the men and women who fought and died on both sides of the conflict. This website is an archive of photographs and some newsreels shot during the Boer War.

Boers Leaving for the Front

A Boer Bridegroom Prepares to Leave for the Front Immediately After the Wedding

Imperial Troops

Fresh Faced Canadian Volunteers Fighting for their Queen

Boers Fording a River

Boers Fording a River

Geman Volunteers

German Volunteer Troops Fighting On the Side of the Boers

Lots More Images of the Boer War Here!

Explore our growing collection of Boer war photos showing what it was like on both side so of the conflict.